How can I order tickets in advance of the public sales date?

As a Calvert Marine Museum member, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. The number of pre-sale tickets permitted varies depending upon your membership level. Individual members– 4 tickets, Family members – 6 tickets, Sustaining members – 6 tickets, Associate members – 8 tickets, Patron – 8 tickets, Bugeye Society – preferred seating to each show with the opportunity to purchase up to 12 additional pre-sale seats. To become a member, please click here or call Lisa Howard at 410-326-2042, ext. 8063.

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1. What is the difference in ticket prices?
2. Are any of the seats under cover?
3. If I'm bringing my child or baby, do I need to buy them a ticket?
4. Are lawn chairs permitted?
5. What do I do if myself or friend/family member is handicapped?
6. Where do I park if I have a handicapped tag?
7. Are pets permitted on the grounds?
8. Is food and drink available on the grounds during the concert?
9. Will we be able to see from the Reserved section?
10. How many people does the seating accommodate?
11. How can I order tickets in advance of the public sales date?
12. Where do I park for the concert?
13. Can I bring a cooler?
14. What happens if it rains?
15. I bought my ticket and can't use it. Can I return it?
16. I ordered my tickets the week before the concert and haven't received them in the mail. What should I do?
17. I ordered my tickets before the mailing deadline and haven't received them or I lost my tickets. What do I do?
18. Can I bring a camera?
19. Can I bring a purse or backpack?
20. How do I sponsor the concerts?